Abac GENESIS 11 10 400/50 270 CE

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SKU: 4152059602

Experience the uncompromising power of the ABAC Genesis 11kw 10Bar 400V 270L 53CFM Screw Compressor & Dryer – 4152059602, a premium 11kw 10Bar 400V Screw Compressor & Dryer combination.

This unit offers a 270L capacity and 53CFM flow rate, ideal for industrial applications with heavy-duty demands. Optimized for safety and versatility, it is a reliable choice for any professional environment.

11kW: This refers to the power of the unit, which is 11 kilowatts. It indicates the compressor’s motor size and gives an idea of the energy consumption and capability.
10 Bar: This is the pressure rating, which means the compressor can provide air at a maximum pressure of 10 bars. This metric gives you an idea of the applications for which the compressor is suited.
270L: Is the tank capacity, referring to a 270-liter air receiver. This gives you an idea of the volume of compressed air the system can hold.
53 CFM: Is the compressor’s airflow capacity, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). It signifies the volume of air that the compressor can provide at a given pressure.

1 review for Abac GENESIS 11 10 400/50 270 CE

  1. Peter

    Recently upgraded my old piston machine to the genesis range, very happy can’t believe how quiet it is compared to the piston, would highly recommend ordering your compressed air equipment from the air compressor store.

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