Abac GENESIS 15 10 400/50 270 CE

£9,500.00 excluding VAT

SKU: 4152059624

Experience the uncompromising power of the ABAC Genesis 15kw 10Bar 400V 270L 74CFM Screw Compressor & Dryer – 4152059624
, a premium 15kw 10Bar 400V Screw Compressor & Dryer combination.

This unit offers a 270L capacity and 38CFM flow rate, ideal for industrial applications with heavy-duty demands. Optimized for safety and versatility, it is a reliable choice for any professional environment.

11kW: This refers to the power of the unit, which is 15 kilowatts. It indicates the compressor’s motor size and gives an idea of the energy consumption and capability.
10 Bar: This is the pressure rating, which means the compressor can provide air at a maximum pressure of 10 bars. This metric gives you an idea of the applications for which the compressor is suited.
270L: Is the tank capacity, referring to a 270-liter air receiver. This gives you an idea of the volume of compressed air the system can hold.
75 CFM: Is the compressor’s airflow capacity, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). It signifies the volume of air that the compressor can provide at a given pressure.