EMD 12 Zero Loss Drain (FREE SHIPPING)

£195.00 excluding VAT


A zero loss, electronic, modular condensate drain suitable for lubricated or oil free systems.

The EMD12 series has been designed to offer fully automatic discharging of condensate from compressed air systems. It can be installed on piston or screw type air compressors, after coolers, cyclone separators, air receivers, air dryers or in-line filters.

The accumulating condensate is monitored by a precision capacitive sensor which operates the self cleaning direct acting solenoid valve when required to discharge condensate and retain valuable compressed air.

EMD12 has an integral strainer which protects the valve but does not cause any of the air locking problems associated with external strainers.

The EMD12 drain valve can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, providing an easy and flexible install.

Compressor Capacity:  8.7 m3/min
Dryer Capacity:  18.5 m3/min
Filter Capacity:  90 m3/min
Pressure Range:  0 – 16 bar
Temperature:  1.5 to 65 Deg C
Operating voltage:  230V AC
Inlet Connection:  G1/2″ BSP
Outlet Connection:  8mm Push-in Fitting


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